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About us

The story so  far

Hearoic Lynne

My name is Lynne and for 25 years I worked as an NHS audiologist. I have always found my job to be highly rewarding as well as challenging and after several years in a senior position in my employment role, I decided that I wanted to get back to doing more of the work I like best; helping people directly with face-to-face appointments.

I am concerned at the increasing challenges people are now having accessing services to get assessment and treatment for hearing problems; with longer waiting times for NHS services and sometimes difficulties getting to see a GP or practise nurse to have an ear wax check and onward referral. Many GP practises have also had to withdraw the provision of irrigation for ear wax management and are instead advising people to try home treatments or look for services on the High Street.

Many private hearing aid dispensers provide excellent services, but wax removal can be very costly and people attending NHS audiology appointments have told me that they wanted to seek a second opinion about their hearing test results as they felt a hearing aid dispenser might be motivated by a desire to sell hearing aids.

Actions speak louder

I have a special interest in people living with Parkinson’s, as my late Dad lived with this condition for many years. Since 2021 I have been a volunteer with Face2Face Parkinson’s, a community interest company who provide support for people living with Parkinson’s and their families.

I have been really inspired by Kevin and the F2F team as they started out because of similar concerns to my own about the increasing trend towards internet and telephone support rather than in person and also their commitment to continually adapt their way of working in order to best meet the needs of the people they wish to help.

Music to my ears!

As a keen amateur musician, I play bass guitar in a rock and pop covers band and enjoy playing gigs in many local pubs and this has given me an appreciation of the importance of good quality hearing protection for musicians.

I never imagined I would start my own business, but I feel strongly motivated to try and do something positive to help my local community by providing affordable and easily accessible ear care and hearing support. I chose the name ‘Hearoic’ as I am having to learn to find my inner hero in order to overcome the frequent challenges of running an independent business, especially after so many years of health service employment. The butterfly logo represents both the transformation that I am undergoing myself as well as the positive changes I hope I will be able to make to other people’s lives.