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Ear wax removal with micro-suction

One ear £35 (25 mins), both ears £50 (40 mins)

Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the ears and should only be removed if an excessive build up is suspected to be causing hearing loss or other symptoms.

Examples of the circumstances when it may be beneficial to remove excessive ear wax are when it is:

  • impacted and causing hearing loss
  • causing discomfort in the ear
  • preventing proper examination of the ear canal and ear drum
  • causing issues with using hearing aids, e.g. blockages and/or feedback (whistling)
  • preventing a cast being taken of the ear for an earpiece or hearing protection

Irrigation (previously called syringing) is also available if the wax cannot be successfully removed with microsuction.

If you are not sure whether your ear/hearing problem is due to wax it is recommended that you have an ear check prior to booking an appointment as, if no significant wax is found at the appointment a hearing report (£40) or hearing check (£25) will be carried out.