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We ask for 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment. If you are unable to give sufficient notice or do not attend your appointment and wish to rebook, we will ask you to pay in advance for the new appointment.

Cash is preferred (due to card charges) but card payments are also accepted.

The mobile clinic is accessed via four shallow steps. There is a handrail on the righthand side and a grab rail on the lefthand side (please see photo above). Unfortunately it is not possible to provide wheelchair access at this time.

The mobile clinic can operate in temperatures down to zero degrees (it is recommended that you wear warm clothing when the temperatures outdoors is low). If on the day of your appointment temperatures are sub-zero or there is significant snow, you will be contacted and offered either a rescheduled appointment, or a home visit.

At present it is only possible to provide appointments for adults due to the CQC regulations around healthcare services for children and young people.  Please only book an appointment if you are aged 19 or over.

Home visits to residential facilities where there is suitable parking available may be possible by special arrangement, please use the contact form/email or call us to discuss.

Visits to individual residences may be possible but are likely to incur extra cost. Please get in touch to discuss the circumstances to see if we can help.

Ear wax is a natural substance and should not be removed unless it is causing or suspected to be causing a problem. Examples of the circumstances when it may be beneficial to remove excessive ear wax are when it is:

  • impacted and causing hearing loss
  • causing discomfort in the ear
  • preventing proper examination of the ear canal and ear drum
  • causing issues with using hearing aids, e.g. blockages and/or feedback (whistling)
  • preventing a cast being taken of the ear for an earpiece or hearing protection

Complications from ear wax removal are very rare but can include:

  • damage to skin of the ear canal or the ear-drum during the procedure
  • infection of the ear canal or other ear structures following the procedure
  • temporary reduction in hearing
  • temporary dizziness and (rarely) possible sickness or fainting
  • triggering of new tinnitus
  • temporary aggravation of existing tinnitus
  • temporary irritation to the throat, especially if already dry, tickly or sensitive

You will be given an information form and questionnaire to complete and will be asked to sign a consent form to indicate that you understand the potential risks       

In the event that there is no significant wax present in your ears when you attend you appointment, the appointment will proceed as a hearing assessment and the charge will be payable as follows:

  • When a two ear wax removal appointment has been booked, the appointment will proceed as a Hearing Report (£40)
  • When a one ear wax removal appointment has been booked the appointment will proceed as either a Hearing Check (£25) or, if preferred, a Hearing Report (£40)

We do not currently sell hearing aids but can give impartial advice when appropriate on how hearing aids can be obtained from both the NHS and the private sector and where you can find out more helpful information.

If it looks like there may be a problem with your ears or hearing a letter and report can be provided for your GP to make it easier for them to arrange treatment or onward referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

Lynne is registered as a Hearing Aid Dispenser on the Health and Care Professions Council and is also registered with the Academy for Healthcare Science. She is a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and the British Academy of Audiologists.

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