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Hearing Assessment

Have you noticed changes in your hearing? Increased difficulties hearing when there is background noise? Needing to ask people to repeat what they have said more frequently? Have you been raising the volume on the TV or needing to rely on the subtitles more? Having trouble hearing on the telephone? Would you like to have your hearing assessed and be given impartial advice on what steps you can take to help improve your hearing.

Please note, a sudden unexplained loss in hearing should be treated as a medical emergency and urgent advice should be sought from your GP or by attending A&E.

We offer two levels of hearing assessment:

Hearing check (25 mins) £25

  • Visual examination of the external ear and ear drums
  • Test of hearing levels in the sound treated booth
  • Explanation of results
  • Optional letter and report for GP (+£5)

Hearing Report (40 mins) £40

  • Endoscopic photographs of ear canal and ear drum (if free of wax)
  • Test of hearing levels in the sound treated booth
  • Tympanometry test of middle ear pressure
  • Speech in noise testing
  • Emailed PDF report of results, including recommendations
  • If required; letter and report for GP requesting referral to ENT specialist