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Hearing Protection

(20 mins) £25

It is important to ensure your ears are completely free of wax before booking for impressions to be taken of your ear canals for custom made products. Free ear wax checks are available at The Ear Drop-in (see below)

  • Visual examination of ears
  • Silicone impressions of ear canals which you can use to order for custom fit hearing protection from a variety of suppliers online
  • Option to purchase a wide range of custom hearing protection from our suppliers who include; ACS Custom, Minerva, Puretone, Sonic Laboratories:
    • Musicians Custom Ear Moulds £POA
    • In-ear Monitors £POA
    • Sleep Sound Ear Plugs £POA
    • Personal Music Player Ear Moulds £POA
    • Broadcasting Moulds £POA
    • High Level Noise Protection £POA